Clash in the Cloud

Clash in the Cloud Series Overview

Event Date Capacity Robot Events Page
Clash in the Cloud I November 21, 2020 25 RE-VRC-20-2819
Clash in the Cloud II December 12, 2020 50 RE-VRC-20-3083
Clash in the Cloud III December 19, 2020 50 RE-VRC-20-3084
Clash in the Cloud IV January 23, 2021 32 RE-VRC-21-3384
Clash in the Cloud V February 20, 2021 24 RE-VRC-21-3385
Clash in the Cloud V VEXU February 20, 2021 8 RE-VEXU-20-3386

About Clash in the Cloud

Clash in the Cloud is a series of Remote Skills‑Only Events hosted by 18x18az.

Teams must must have access to a field and webcam setup to participate, as outlined in the Game Manual Appendix B, pages viiviii, rules <RSE1> through <RSE10>. Remember that your match timer must be on video and visible to the Head Referee as you do your Skills matches.

Please review our Remote Skills Checklist for your specific control system (V5 or Cortex) to ensure you have everything you need to participate. (VEXU version)

Online Platform

18x18az has developed a unique solution, known as Event Console, to facilitate Remote Skills in a way that emulates the in‑person experience. Event Console runs entirely within any modern desktop or mobile web browser and allows teams to queue for inspection and Skills matches as they are ready. Teams will not be assigned individualized timeslots but will rather have a 4‑hour window to complete inspection and all desired Skills matches at their own pace.

The video calling platform used will be 18x18az Connect. Access instructions for the drivers meeting will be provided by email in advance of the event. Event Console will automatically generate video call invitations for inspection and Skills matches as part of its queuing system. Teams will not stay connected to the video call for the entire duration of the event!

Note: An adult contact for the team must be visible on camera at all times while the team is connected to a video call.

Event Capacities & Spot Reservations

Clash in the Cloud VRC events will have 20% of their capacities reserved for Arizona teams, though teams from all over the world are welcome to register. As these are blended events, middle‑school and high‑school teams are both welcome to register, with no priority given to either age group.

The Clash in the Cloud VEXU event will not have any spot reservations. Registration will be strictly first‑come-first‑serve.


No judging will take place in Clash in the Cloud I through III.

We are planning to include a judging component in Clash in the Cloud IV and V. Engineering notebooks must be uploaded in PDF format for Design and Excellence Award consideration (physical notebooks will need to be scanned). Consult the Judge Guide Addendum for more information about remote judging.

More details about judging logistics to come.


Please see each event's page on Robot Events for agenda information.


All Skills matches will be livestreamed to in compliance with the GDC's Official Q&A ruling. Livestream archives will be uploaded to the 18x18az YouTube channel.

Payment Policy

The registration fee is $30. Payment must be received in Robot Events no later than 24 hours prior to the event start time to avoid removal from the event — Robot Events should show that your transaction is paid or processing. All payments must be processed through Robot Events; payments via other means will not be accepted. Teams that register or are moved off the waitlist less than 10 days in advance of the event will be given an additional 14‑day grace period after the event to complete payment.

If extenuating circumstances prevent you from submitting payment on time, please contact Barin Banerjee,

Refund Policy

No refunds will be issued. If extenuating circumstances prevent you from participating on the date for which you registered, please contact Barin Banerjee ( to see about rescheduling to a different Clash in the Cloud event.